Healing the Heart (CHF)

People ask me how I got into natural healing. I’ve written a book and that pretty much answers that question but in case you missed it, my mother had cancer 50 years ago and I wasn’t thrilled about the western medicine approach to healing so I’ve been basically one of the pioneers in the natural health movement.  I wrote the book to chronicle healing symptoms of Lupus, naturally, using a holistic approach.

I have studied natural healing since I was about 8 years old.  Over a span of 40 years I studied mind, emotions, body, and spirit.  I apprenticed with a Cherokee medicine woman who is also a Tibetan monk.  She took a group of us who have been with her for many years and initiated us as Bodhisattva – enlightened beings in the service of mankind.  I am an enlightened being – since the age of about 32 or 33 years old.  It was a long time ago.  Someday I will write of that experience.

About 25 years ago I worked in a major Cleveland area hospital and I was the first person to offer natural health classes on my own.  People all over the hospital were coming in droves to my classes which were on Herbs for healing, massage therapy, the Fountain of Youth (5 Fire Rites) exercises, Meditation for stress and Breathing Therapy.  I had so much interest I was getting more calls than the doctor I worked for as a secretary.

Those classes got around and before I knew it there were doctors that wanted to know who I was and when they found out that I wasn’t a doctor, well – they started their own movement to get natural healing into the mainstream.  It was ok because I had started something and they took the ball and rolled with it and by that time I was leaving to begin my own business in healing and massage.  I left and never looked back because my career in natural healing took off after an article in the local paper sent so many people to my door I was too busy for years to ever think about what was or wasn’t happening in the area hospitals.  I worked with herbal remedies, most often giving away information just to help people.

Then one day I saw a guy I knew who looked as though he had been hit by a truck.  He was one of the biggest guys I knew and he didn’t look well at all.  When I asked him what was wrong he told me he’d been diagnosed with CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) and he found it difficult to get out of a chair or even take a hot shower.  His heart was failing and he was given 6 months to live.

I told him about Hawthorn Berry and how it begins to heal the heart within 48 hours of taking it.  He laughed at me.  I told him he may want to laugh, but he only has 6 months to live so what did he have to lose?  If it were me, I’d try anything.  So he asked me to get him a bottle.  I did.  Within 2 weeks he went back to his doctor at another major area Cleveland hospital and they discovered that his heart was stronger and asked him what he was doing.  He told them about Hawthorn Berry and from there the doctors began to research the herb.

The last I heard, some years later, was that he was still alive and living in Florida with his wife.  So much for a weak heart from CHF.  Contact me for more info on Hawthorn Berry.

I have worked with emotional healing in its many forms, beginning with Breathing Therapy and then went into Quantum healing and then Theta healing – which I love and works very quickly to heal the emotions in a very subtle but powerful and effective manner.

Healing has been my whole life and through this blog I plan on teaching anyone who is interested in empowering themselves to heal, holistically, because you have the ability within yourself to heal on all levels of this physical plane and existence.



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